How long does it take to fill a mini tank?

With the hand pump:

OX500 = approximately 15 minutes
OX1000 = approximately 30 minutes (not recommended)

The mini tank should be filled in 5-minute sessions, allowing the pump to cool down for one or two minutes due to the heat generated by very high pressure.

With the yoke or DIN station: approximately 1 minute

With the 12V mini compressor:

OX500: 10 minutes
OX1000: between 15 and 20 minutes

What is the maximum depth we can use the mini tanks?

The maximum recommended depth for diving with our tanks is generally 3 meters. However, if you are an experienced and confident diver, you may go down to about 10 meters. It is crucial to always dive responsibly and adhere to safety rules appropriate to your skill level and diving experience. Keep in mind that even at less than 3 meters, failure to follow safety rules can lead to risks.

What happens if I descend to less than 3 meters deep?

Nothing will happen to your Oxsea tank; this limit has been set solely to minimize risks for non-divers. Oxsea tanks have been tested for resistance up to a depth of 50 meters. However, even at 3 meters deep, there are risks for the user if safety instructions are not followed. If you descend beyond 3 meters, you assume full responsibility for the dangers you face.

What happens if I exceed the maximum allowed pressure?

The products have been developed and tested to withstand pressure over 200 bars. There is no risk of bursting if the pressure exceeds 200 bars, but the user should not exceed this pressure.

How can I tell if there is air left in the mini tank?

The integrated pressure gauge on the mini tank allows you to check the pressure quickly and easily. However, you will need to remove the mini tank from your mouth to perform this check.

What is the lifespan of the equipment?

The equipment has been developed and tested over dozens of cycles and several hundred recharges for Oxsea mini tanks, the hand pump, and the compressor. Extensive resistance tests have been conducted before the products were inspected and certified by an independent body for market release. We continue to test our products to make them even more reliable and safer.

What type of air is contained in the mini tank?

The tank contains compressed air, which is the same air as the ambient air everyone breathes. It is also the same air contained in conventional diving tanks.

Can I travel by plane with a mini tank?

It is not prohibited to travel with the mini tank on a plane as long as it is empty, with the mini tank head open and declared as such during boarding. If necessary, the airline may request that the head be disconnected from the tank; this procedure is very simple and quick, just unscrew the upper part of the tank.

Can I fill the mini tank with an air compressor I have at home?

No, this is not possible for two reasons. The first is that standard compressors have operating pressures of 15 to 20 bars maximum, while our compressor can reach pressures over 200 bars. The second reason concerns air quality: standard compressors do not have a filter to make the air breathable.

From what age can Oxsea tanks be used?

Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to use Oxsea mini tanks.

Is the equipment certified, inspected, and compliant with standards?

Oxsea equipment meets European certification standards as well as ISO standards. Each piece of equipment complies with the mandatory application standards for its commercialization.

What are the mandatory safety instructions to follow?

- Never hold your breath while ascending or descending.
- Never descend if you feel discomfort in your ears, nose, or eyes.
- Never ascend quickly (never faster than small air bubbles).
- Regularly check your pressure gauge.
- Never use the Oxsea tank on the surface when the pressure gauge needle is in the red zone.
It is also very important to explain these basic rules to anyone using the Oxsea product.

What is the underwater autonomy of Oxsea mini tanks?

For the OX500 mini tank, autonomy varies from 5 to 8 minutes.

For the OX1000 mini tank, autonomy varies from 10 to 15 minutes.

Autonomy varies depending on stress and breathing control. It is advisable to breathe normally and slowly to preserve your autonomy.

What is the solution for achieving the most autonomy possible?

You can choose the OX-1000 mini tanks which provide greater autonomy.
You can also purchase multiple Oxsea mini tanks that you can charge before use to increase your autonomy.

Do the products require special maintenance?

The inspection frequency of Oxsea tanks depends on their use, and it should be done once a year if the product is used frequently. Maintenance must be performed at an authorized center (contact a diving center) to check the internal condition of the tank and ensure the entire system is functioning properly.

It is also mandatory to clean all equipment with fresh water after each use.

Can the mini tank be filled with a bicycle pump?

No, a bicycle pump can only reach pressures of 15 to 20 bars maximum. Our special hand pump is designed to reach pressures over 200 bars. Its special (patented) design makes it robust and allows you to fill the tank without any physical difficulty.
You can also perform multiple refills in succession, respecting the cooling time of every 3 minutes.

What is the Seafly?

An innovative water sports board for a unique underwater flying experience.

Is the Seafly suitable for beginners?

Yes, thanks to its intuitive and easy control.

Can the Seafly be used solo or in a group?

Flexible for individual or group use.

Is the Seafly delivered with a rope?

Comes with a basic rope level, a rope for towing equipment is necessary.

How do you control the Seafly?

By tilting the wings to dive, ascend, or turn.

What type of boat is needed?

Compatible with any type of motorized boat.

Recommended age range?

Suitable for all ages, supervision is recommended for children.

Do I need a boating license to operate the Seaboat?

Yes, a boating license is required to operate the Seaboat due to its power exceeding 4.5 KWh. It is essential to have the appropriate license to navigate legally.

Do I need to register the Seaboat?

The registration of the Seaboat depends on its use. If you navigate within 300 meters of the coast or a shelter, registration is not necessary. However, for use beyond this limit, you will need to register your vessel. It is important to comply with local regulations for safe and legal navigation.

What are the dimensions of the Seaboat?

The Seaboat measures 1.91 meters in length, 0.92 meters in width, and 0.68 meters in height.

What is the power of the Seaboat?

The Seaboat is available in two versions: 10 KWh and 15 KWh.

What type of motor powers the Seaboat?

The Seaboat is powered by a turbine.

What type of battery does the Seaboat use?

The Seaboat uses a 72V 300A lithium battery.

What is the weight of the Seaboat?

The weight of the boat alone is 40 kg, and the battery is 20 kg, bringing the total weight to 60 kg.

What is the maximum speed of the Seaboat?

The 10 KWh version reaches a speed of 30 to 40 km/h, while the 15 KWh version can reach 40 to 50 km/h.

How long can I use the Seaboat on a full charge?

With a full charge, the Seaboat offers up to 90 minutes of continuous use. However, the autonomy can vary depending on several factors such as navigation style (sport, leisure, etc.), weather conditions, and the pilot's build. It is important to consider these factors to optimize the navigation experience.

How long does it take to fully recharge the Seaboat's battery?

The full recharge time is 6 hours.

What materials is the Seaboat made of?

The Seaboat is made of aluminum alloy.

How many speeds does the Seaboat have?

The Seaboat has two speeds.

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