Included Accessories

Refill Methods

Optional Accessories


Included Accessories

Refill Methods

Optional Accessories

The refillable mini tank


The Boaters’ Ally


The Essential Accessory for Boat Owners!

Discover the OX1000, your ally for the safety and maintenance of your vessel. Offering up to 15 minutes of underwater autonomy, it is perfect for quickly and efficiently addressing emergencies such as a stuck anchor or a rope caught in the propeller, as well as regular maintenance tasks like hull cleaning.


Breathe and Explore

With a capacity of 1 liter, it offers up to 15 minutes of underwater autonomy.

Air Regulator

Adjust to Your Needs

It allows you to adjust the air flow according to your needs underwater, thereby maximizing the autonomy of your tank.

Back Harness

Total Freedom

The OX1000 tank features a back attachment system to ensure you are not hindered or encumbered during use.

Equipped with a back harness and a regulator, the OX1000 ensures optimal comfort and great freedom of movement, essential in emergencies or for underwater tasks. The air regulator offers precise flow adjustment, optimizing usage and ensuring effective interventions.

The OX1000, in addition to being a high-performance diving equipment for exploration or nautical leisure, perfectly meets the needs of boaters. It provides a practical and reliable solution for keeping your boat in excellent condition and being ready to act in case of emergencies.

Included Accessories

The OX1000 tank comes with a range of carefully selected accessories to ensure an exceptional experience right out of the box.


Enhance your diving experience with our premium silicone mouthpiece. Designed for optimal comfort, it fits perfectly, stabilizing the tank while allowing free movement. Its soft texture and ergonomic design enable extended use without discomfort, helping you focus on underwater exploration.

External Regulator

Unlike other OXSEA models where the tank can be held directly in the mouth, the OX1000 is specifically designed to be used with this regulator. This configuration provides an enhanced diving experience, increasing comfort and ease of use, especially during prolonged dives or in situations requiring greater freedom of movement.

Back Harness

Of course, if you use the external regulator, we have designed a harness to wear your tank on your back. This harness ensures you won’t be hindered or encumbered during use.

How to Refill Your OX1000?

Two options for refilling the OX1000 tank: the mini compressor, or the filling stations.

Mini Compressor

Ideal for quickly and effortlessly refilling your OX1000 tank via a 12V battery or a 220V outlet.

The mini compressor refills your tank in just 12 minutes.

It is equipped with a digital display and an automatic shut-off system when the desired pressure is reached.


Refill Stations

Ideal for instantly refilling the OX1000 tank using a standard diving cylinder.

The filling stations transfer air in seconds.

Compatible with any standard diving cylinder equipped with a DIN or yoke valve.


Optional Accessories

At Oxsea, we understand that every diver has unique needs and seeks to optimize their underwater experience. That’s why, in addition to the included accessories, we also offer a selection of optional accessories.

These accessories, designed to complement and enhance your diving experience, feature practical and high-quality characteristics to meet all your expectations. Explore our options to customize and upgrade your Oxsea equipment according to your specific needs and preferences.

Discover the OXAIR mask, a major innovation in the world of snorkeling, created by OXSEA.

This revolutionary hybrid snorkeling mask offers a completely new surface diving experience. With its unique features, the OXAIR mask transforms snorkeling by combining surface breathing through the snorkel with the ability to dive underwater using your OXSEA rechargeable mini diving bottle.

This innovative mask quickly and easily connects to all OXSEA mini diving bottles, allowing you to switch from surface breathing to deep diving in seconds.

Our external pressure gauge is an essential accessory for divers concerned about their safety. Designed to be easily attached to your diving cylinder in place of the traditional pressure gauge, it provides a clear and accurate measurement of the remaining air pressure. With this gauge, there's no need to remove the bottle from your mouth to check the pressure: a thirty-centimeter hose allows for easy monitoring of the remaining air. Robust and easy to use, our gauge ensures efficient and reliable management of your air supply, for a safe and serene dive.
A high-quality diving mask and snorkel offering excellent underwater visibility, significantly enhancing the underwater experience by providing clear and wide vision. This is essential for fully appreciating the beauty of the underwater world.

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