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Included Accessories

Optional Accessories

The Towable Wing


Discovery and Thrills


Your New Underwater Adventure

Discover the Seafly, the new revolution in underwater water sports. Designed for adventure and exploration, the Seafly is a water board that offers a unique underwater flying experience.Glide on and under the water like a dolphin, perform underwater acrobatics, or simply relax on the surface to enjoy the experience.


Easy to Transport

Lightweight and compact, it easily fits in your vehicle or on your boat.

Intuitive Control

Easy to Handle

Equipped with two independent wings, the Seafly is easy to maneuver, providing a natural and smooth piloting experience.


In tandem or solo

Share thrilling adventures solo or in tandem with friends or family, experiencing unforgettable moments together.


Resilient and Long-lasting

Built to withstand heavy use.


Economical and eco-friendly

The Seafly, which requires slow towing, is economical and eco-friendly as it consumes little gasoline.

Accessible to All

From 7 to 77 years old

The Seafly, easy to use, is suitable for everyone, from athletes to leisure water enthusiasts.

Easy to maneuver and suitable for all ages, Seafly offers a unique experience propelled by a low-speed boat.

Also, enjoy a range of accessories such as GoPro camera mounts and carrying bags to enhance your Seafly experience. The underwater adventure begins here with Seafly Oxsea.

With Seafly, every dive becomes an adventure, every outing an exploration!

How to use it?

Intuitive mastery and guaranteed thrills!

The Seafly consists of two wings that can be tilted independently. It is towed by a boat at a slow speed, providing good maneuverability and very low fuel consumption compared to other towed activities. You hold the wings with your arms and steer by tilting the wings in the desired direction. Dive by tilting the wings downward and ascend by tilting them upward.

The ergonomic design of the Seafly promotes a natural grip and a smooth piloting experience. Whether you’re diving into the depths or executing tight turns, the Seafly responds precisely to each of your movements. The excitement of underwater exploration is now accessible to all, both simple and exhilarating.

Included Accessories

The Seafly comes with a range of carefully selected accessories to ensure an exceptional experience right out of the box.

Rope Anchor

Our rope anchors securely fasten the ropes to the board. Sturdy and durable, they withstand breakage while remaining easily replaceable, ensuring a strong and reliable attachment.

Seafly Rope

The included Seafly rope is designed to be durable and reliable. Made from highly resistant materials, it provides a secure grip during your adventures.

Note: the towing rope is not included with the Seafly.

Metal Connector

The metal connector ensures a simple and sturdy link between the two boards. Easy to screw in, it ensures maximum stability and a secure connection for worry-free adventures.

Optional Accessories

At Oxsea, we understand that every Seafly enthusiast has unique needs and seeks to optimize their nautical experience. That’s why, in addition to the included accessories, we also offer a selection of optional accessories.

These accessories, designed to complement and enhance your boating experience, feature practical and high-quality features to meet all your expectations. Explore our options to personalize and improve your Seafly according to your specific needs and preferences.

A bag specifically designed for transporting and storing the Seafly with convenience and durability in mind. Ideal for facilitating the transport of the Seafly to and from the beach or boat, while protecting it from damage and dirt during storage.
A sturdy mount designed to attach a GoPro camera to the Seafly's rope. Capture videos and photos of your underwater adventures, immortalizing every exciting moment of your underwater flying experience.
Ropes specially designed to withstand the tensions exerted during the use of the Seafly. They ensure a secure and reliable connection between the Seafly and the boat, essential for a safe underwater flying experience.
A high-quality diving mask and snorkel offering excellent underwater visibility, significantly enhancing the underwater experience by providing clear and wide vision. This is essential for fully appreciating the beauty of the underwater world.

Any Questions?

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