Included Accessories

Refill Methods

Optional Accessories


Included Accessories

Refill Methods

Optional Accessories

The refillable mini tank


Lightweight and compact


Innovative, practical, and ultra-lightweight

The OX500 tank transforms the underwater diving experience by offering unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Designed for ocean enthusiasts, this refillable mini tank combines portability, performance, and simplicity, making underwater exploration and pool relaxation more enjoyable and unique than ever.


Breathe and Explore

With a capacity of 0.5 liters, it offers up to 8 minutes of underwater autonomy.


Durable and Reliable

Oxsea tanks, made from 6061 aluminum, are distinguished by their durability and long lifespan.

Barely 1 Kg

Compact and lightweight

Take it anywhere, anytime, and enjoy total independence.

The OX500 tank is the smallest in the Oxsea range. It offers you approximately 8 minutes of autonomy, depending on your underwater proficiency and breathing management. To use it, simply place the bottle’s head in your mouth and breathe normally.

Its lightweight design (less than 1 kg underwater) and compact size allow you to freely enjoy the underwater world. Ideal for short aquatic excursions or recreational use in the pool.

Included Accessories

The OX500 tank comes with a range of carefully selected accessories to ensure an exceptional experience right out of the box.


Enhance your diving experience with our premium silicone mouthpiece. Designed for optimal comfort, it fits perfectly, stabilizing the tank while allowing free movement. Its soft texture and ergonomic design enable extended use without discomfort, allowing you to focus on underwater exploration.

The Storage Bag

Transport and protect your OX500 tank with our specially designed storage bag. This stylish and practical bag provides optimal protection for your Oxsea equipment, making it easy to carry wherever you go. It’s an essential accessory for any diver wanting to keep their equipment in perfect condition.

Pressure Gauge

Our pressure gauge is an essential tool for any safety-conscious diver. It provides a clear and accurate reading of the remaining pressure. Its robust design and ease of use allow you to manage your air supply effectively and reliably.


Never lose your diving tank again with our wrist strap. Designed to securely attach to your cylinder and wrist, it provides extra safety underwater. Lightweight and durable, it’s an essential companion that keeps your tank within reach at all times, offering peace of mind and freedom of movement.

How to Refill Your OX500?

Three options for refilling the OX500 tank: the hand pump, the mini compressor, or the filling stations.

Hand Pump

Ideal for refilling the OX500 tank anywhere, without relying on an external power source.

The standalone hand pump refills the tank in 20 minutes.

Specifically designed for high pressure and equipped with a filtration system for quality air.


Mini Compressor

Ideal for quickly and effortlessly refilling your OX500 tank via a 12V battery or a 220V outlet.

The mini compressor refills your tank in just 12 minutes.

It is equipped with a digital display and an automatic shut-off system when the desired pressure is reached.


Refill Stations

Ideal for instantly refilling the OX500 tank using a standard diving cylinder.

The filling stations transfer air in seconds.

Compatible with any standard diving cylinder equipped with a DIN or yoke valve.


Optional Accessories

At Oxsea, we understand that every diver has unique needs and seeks to optimize their underwater experience. That’s why, in addition to the included accessories, we also offer a selection of optional accessories.

These accessories, designed to complement and enhance your diving experience, feature practical and high-quality characteristics to meet all your expectations. Explore our options to customize and upgrade your Oxsea equipment according to your specific needs and preferences.

Discover the OXAIR mask, a major innovation in the world of snorkeling, created by OXSEA.

This revolutionary hybrid snorkeling mask offers a completely new surface diving experience. With its unique features, the OXAIR mask transforms snorkeling by combining surface breathing through the snorkel with the ability to dive underwater using your OXSEA rechargeable mini diving bottle.

This innovative mask quickly and easily connects to all OXSEA mini diving bottles, allowing you to switch from surface breathing to deep diving in seconds.

Our external pressure gauge is an essential accessory for divers concerned about their safety. Designed to be easily attached to your diving cylinder in place of the traditional pressure gauge, it provides a clear and accurate measurement of the remaining air pressure. With this gauge, there's no need to remove the bottle from your mouth to check the pressure: a thirty-centimeter hose allows for easy monitoring of the remaining air. Robust and easy to use, our gauge ensures efficient and reliable management of your air supply, for a safe and serene dive.

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