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OX500 + Mini Compressor

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Mini Tank OX500

The OX500 mini tank by Oxsea, the smallest in the range, offers approximately 8 minutes of underwater autonomy. Lightweight (-1kg) and compact, it is perfect for short dives and recreational use in the pool. Easy to use, just place the tank’s head in your mouth and breathe normally.

12V Mini Compressor

The 12V mini compressor comes with crocodile clips, allowing you to fill your mini tank in about 12 minutes. Connect it directly to the battery of your car, boat, or other vehicle. A 220V converter is included for use with a standard electrical outlet.

The mini compressor comes with a high-pressure hose to connect the compressor to the mini tank. It is equipped with a filtration system to ensure high-quality air. A pack of 25 filters is included with each mini compressor (1 filter = 5 refills).


This revolutionary hybrid snorkeling mask offers a completely new surface diving experience. With its unique features, the OXAIR mask transforms snorkeling by combining surface breathing via the snorkel with the ability to dive underwater using your rechargeable OXSEA mini diving tank.


These ready-to-use filters are mounted on the hand pump or mini compressor for optimal filtration of pressurized air. They remove moisture, particles, and odors, ensuring clean, high-quality air in your Oxsea mini tank. The pack comes with 5 filters (1 filter = 5 refills). Need more filters: click here.

In the Box

Ready-to-Use Pack

The OX500 pack equipped with a 12V mini compressor allows you to easily recharge your tanks. Plug the mini compressor into any 12V battery or a 220V power outlet.

1. Connect

Easily attach your mini tank to the equipment in seconds.

2. Refill

Use the compressor to easily refill your tank.

3. Plongez

Profitez de 8 minutes en toute liberté et sécurité sous l’eau.

Using the OXAIR Mask

Save the air in your mini diving tank with the OXAIR mask.
Breathe on the surface with the snorkel. Want to dive? No problem, the Oxsea tank will automatically take over.

1. Connect

Easily attach your mini tank to the OXAIR mask in seconds using the OXSEA adapter.

2. Equip Yourself

With its revolutionary support system, easily put the OXAIR mask on your head.

3. Dive

Save the tank’s air when you’re on the surface by using the snorkel. As soon as you dive, the tank automatically takes over.

Innovative, Practical

and Ultra-Lightweight


Designed for ocean enthusiasts, the OX500 offers up to 8 minutes of underwater autonomy while remaining lightweight, weighing no more than 1 kilogram thanks to its aluminum alloy.


36.9 cm


6 cm


500 ml

Maximal pressure

200 BAR | 200 MPA | 3000 PSI


5~8 minutes


1 Kg


Aluminum / Silicone / Polycarbonate


31 cm


23 cm


14 cm

Maximal Pressure

300 BAR | 300 MPA | 4500 PSI

Maximal Temperature

95° C

Cooling System


Weight with accessories

8.2 Kg


DC 12V & AC 220V 110V

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Joseph Lopez
Il y a 2 jours

Ordered on a Wednesday and items arrived the next day. Fantastic customer service, really well priced products, can't fault them!


Arlene Baker
Il y a 1 semaine

Great. The mini scuba tanks are awesome and the after sales service is just great. I'm very pleased with the service. Thank you very much. very professional.

Joseph Kennedy
Il y a 2 mois

Best quality, best service, no bs!

Casey Tucker
Il y a 6 mois

Highly recommend! My delivery got delayed for a few weeks because of the Trainline in Adelaide been damaged! Without even having to contact them, they sent me an express delivery of my order so I didn’t have to wait any longer! Amazing service!

Robert Mobley
Il y a 1 an

Fast and efficient. Very comp prices

Anthony Shepard
Il y a 1 an

Amazing service from this company, ordered 1 day, delivery arrived the next!

Hans M Westbrook
Il y a 5 mois

J'avais déjà une mini bouteille de plongée d'une marque similaire ! Mais le mini compresseur change vraiment l'expérience !

Peter Barnes
Il y a 5 mois

Quality product, great customer service and information, the website is a breeze, and quick delivery what more could I ask for!

Robert Edwards
Il y a 5 mois

Order received... Cylinders conform to the pictures and descriptions on their website. Very fast shipping.

James Martinez
Il y a 4 mois

Order received! Can't wait to dive in with my oxsea mini scuba tank !

Amélie Abgrall
Il y a 4 mois

I was skeptical of this kind of product at first, but a friend convinced me. I must admit that I was won over by this revolutionary "gadget".

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